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We make sure your business is secure

Strengthening mission critical infrastructures.


Online24 is a security research leader. We’re active in both the San Francisco Bay Area and Europe. We perform penetration testing and audits and you can request us to hack into your systems. We can help you understand and address security risks. We’re ethical people and require written permission in advance.

Our security experts have a long history in security research, hacking systems, developing exploits, but also in restructuring security layers, hardening applications, and building infrastructure. We’re product people and have extensive expertise in secure web application design and advanced service layer complexity.

Modern browsers offer an ever increasing set of features to web application developers. The effects of web developers combining all this potential is an exponential complexity in potential risks. The number of security vulnerabilities and unintended consequences within web applications therefore is becoming a real problem. With no end in sight when it comes to the speed of browser developments (and the adoption of web based customer facing applications by organizations), the required level of security knowledge for organizations is becoming increasingly unmanageable without bringing in external expertise.

Online24 has a deep understanding of the intricacies of modern browser features and the security side effects of mobilizing their full potential in your web applications.